Wild Flower and Nature Walks

Captivating Crete

Warm and inviting, with around 2000 species of wild flower and plants growing wild on the island, with 160 endemic to Crete. With a history that can be traced back 8000 years and archaeology on view in many places, we’ll take you to find the plants growing in a Minoan cemetery or among fallen Roman columns. We’ll seek out indigenous plants, rare orchids, familiar garden plants growing in their natural environment. Walk with us through the mountains, past ancient olive groves, with the tinkle of sheep bells and the heady aroma of herbs. Eat the food, drink the wine, all produced locally, the traditional way. Feel life flowing in your veins!

Romanian Rhapsody

Described as the last unspoilt corner of Europe, you can still see meadows cut by scythe and and hay being loaded onto horse drawn carts. Gaze over meadows that have never been ploughed, with their tapestry of wild flowers, butterflies and insects. Walk in remote parts of Transylvania, where nature and human life are closely entwined, as they have been for centuries. Visit quaint Saxon villages and trek with us in the mountains where alpine flowers abound. A vanishing past, or perhaps a vision of what the future could be?